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Leeds Teaching Hospitals Emergency Departments are committed to providing highest quality evidence based care to all patients.

Along with this aim, research activity is seen as integral to improving patient care and providing a patient centred service. This is done by either directly comparing treatments or evaluating working processes.

At any one time, we run several projects actively recruiting participants, ranging from grant funded multicentre randomised trials to observational studies.

Leeds Emergency Medicine Research has three related aims:

  • To support the individual researcher and project, in order to improve the quality of the research, audit or service improvement,
  • To co-ordinate the departmental research activity, in order to facilitate and optimise research and minimise disruption to normal clinical practice,
  • To raise the local and national profile of Emergency Medicine research.

These aims will be achieved by:

  • Providing researchers with guidance/ information on research processes, from research idea to implementation, see our research EM trainees page for more information.
  • Raising awareness of research
  • Ensuring training in Good Clinical Practice
  • Regularly reviewing impact of research activity


In 2018 LEMeR was shortlisted (top 3) for the Leeds Teaching Hopsitals NHS Trust Time to Shine awards for the category of research.

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Our Recruitment

LEMeR is improving year on year with the number of participants involved in our trials.... we are starting to see our mission becoming a reality.

2017_2018 lemer rec numbers against targets.png


Data showing recruitment numbers per specialty across Leeds Teaching Hospitals for April 2017 - March 2018*

The data below shows A&E (Specialty as a whole) to be the 5th highest recruiting specialty this year.


All specialties across LTHT and there recruitment. *Correct as of 06/04/2018

Data taken from Research and Innovation's website (LTHT)



LEMeR at number 1!

In August 2017 A&E were the top recruiting specialty at Leeds Teaching Hospitals for the period 1st April 2017 - 16 August 2017.

Our specialty recruited 476 patients in this time period!!


*Total number of patients recruited to A&E studies (including paediatrics etc.)

*Total number of patients recruited to A&E studies (including paediatrics etc.)

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