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Early Cryoprecipitate in Trauma

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Chief Investigator: Professor Karim Brohi

Prinicple Investigator (LTHT): Dr Jonathan Thornley

Site: Leeds General Infirmary

CRYOSTAT-2 Website


Start Date: Early 2018

End Date: July 2020

This study will look at the effects of transfusing early high dose
cryoprecipitate (which is a concentrated source of fibrinogen), to
adult trauma patients with severe bleeding within 90 minutes of
admission to hospital.

The Aim

  • This study will evaluate whether early cryoprecipitate reduces death rates when major bleeding occurs after injury.


  • This study will investigate the effects of early fibrinogen supplementation in the form of 3 pools (15 units – 6g fibrinogen) of cryoprecipitate on 28 day mortality

The Trial

  • This is a randomised, unblinded, parallel group, controlled, multi-centre trial.
  • Inclusion criteria
    • The participant is judged to be an adult (16 years or older ) and has sustained severe traumatic injury
    • The participant is deemed by the attending clinician to have on-going active haemorrhage
    • AND REQUIRES Activation of the local major haemorrhage protocol for management of severe blood loss
    • AND HAS STARTED or HAS RECEIVED At least one unit of any blood component
  • Participant Exclusion Criteria
    • A patient will not be eligible for this trial if they fulfil one or more of the following criteria:
    • The participant has been transferred from another hospital
    • The trauma team leader deems the injuries incompatible with life
    • The trauma team leader deems the patient inappropriate for the trial
    • More than 3 hours have elapsed from the time of injury (taken as time of the 999 call if unknown by medical team).
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