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LEMeR takes pride in supporting events in around the trust, take a look below to see what we have been up to and upcoming events.

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A&E ListeningEars Launch (2nd July 2018)

LEMeR organised a launch date for A&E ListeningEars, we arrange afternoon tea for both St James’ A&E staff and LGI A&E staff. We have large A0 posters at both sites, these posters have all the information on you would need to contact A&E ListeningEars. We are a 24hr/ 7days a week service. We can be contacted via a call, email or speaking to a member of staff wearing the ListeningEars lapel badge. We have at least 3 members of staff able to be contacted at all times.

LEMeR are proud to have funded the event and provided the posters and lapel badges for such a worthy cause.

A&E ListeningEars has been nominated and shortlisted for the LTHT Time to Shine Awards 2018.

For more information regarding ListeningEars please contact us.

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International Clinical Trials Day 2018

Every year LEMeR along with all the other research teams celebrate international clinical trials day, this year was no different. We used this day to showcase our portfolio of studies, let staff and members of the public see what we do and give them opportunity to ask questions.

For more pictures from the day please visit our gallery.

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International Nurses' Day 2018

LEMeR organised a day of events in A&E at LGI and St James. We had a free raffle, we had over 40 prizes donated to us from many companies. We also had a huge spread of food, kindly donated by Morrison’s. We were entrusted with two exercise bikes by exercise4less for the day, we had one at each of our sites and had a friendly competition of which site could cycle the furthest in 6 hours.

The day was brilliant and we hope all of our staff know how fantastic they are and this is our way of showing it.

For more pictures of the day please go to our gallery.

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A&E Celebrating Success Awards Event 2017

LEMeR put on a gala for the Emergency Department. This event/ gala was to let members of the ED team know that they were valued.

The categories included were:

The A&E Unsung Hero award
The A&E patient experience, compassion and respect award
The A&E education & teaching award
The A&E quality & safety award
The A&E team of the year award

This was a great event and a great way for staff to receive appreciation for the hard work they do every day.

We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.

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International Clinical Trials Day (19th May 2017)

The LEMeR team created a stand and made it our aim to spread the word about clinical research.

In 2017 we focused on finding out why staff and patients though research was important.  

Sweeties, pens and stickers were also up for grabs!

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International Clinical Trials Day (20th May 2016)

The LEMeR team created a stand demonstrating to patients and staff who LEMeR are and why we support research.

We also demonstrated how research works in a clinical setting. For example we used sugar free and 'normal' sweets to explain randomisation. 

Sweeties were up for the taken too!

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International Clinical Trials Day (17th May 2016) - Leeds Market

A continuation of the main day (May 20th),  members from research teams across the trust joined together at Leeds market in order to spread the word. 

We were fortunate enough to be joined by previous research patients, to give the public a first hand account of being involved as a patient in clinical research. 

Thank you to all who came and supported us and asked questions!

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Health Care Science Week (11th - 20th March 2016)

This week was all about getting young people into science. This is something LEMeR fully support. 

During the week we visited A&E pediatrics to engage children of all ages with science. 

On our trolley some of the activities included; quizzes for all age groups, a daily experiment, 'why we do research' bracelet making to mention just a few.

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Time to Talk (4th February) 2016

LEMeR understands the importance of taking the time to listen to patients and each other. Time to talk was a day dedicated to just that. It is all about making people able to talk about mental health and support one another. LEMeR spent the day discussing time to talk with patient and members of the public across both of our hospital sites.

We also brought along a few games to engage people to talk to each other and no LEMeR event would be complete without free sweets !

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For more images of our events and much more, explore our gallery...