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Halt it

Haemorrhage alleviation with tranexamic acid - Intestinal system

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Chief Investigator: Ian Roberts

Principle Investigator (LTHT): Dr Simon Everett and Dr Taj Hassan

Site: St James's University Hospital

This trial is shared between A&E and Gastroenyrology 

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Start Date: February 2014

End Date: May 19

The Aim

The HALT-IT trial will determine the effect of early administration of tranexamic acid on mortality, morbidity (re-bleeding, non-fatal thromboembolic events), blood transfusion, surgical intervention and health status in patients with significant GI bleeding.

The Trial

  • The HALT-IT trial is a large, international, randomised, placebo controlled trial among 8,000 patients with GI bleeding.
  • Eligibility criteria
    • All adults with acute significant upper or lower gastrointestinal bleeding where the responsible clinician is substantially uncertain as to whether or not to use tranexamic acid, will be eligible
  • Treatment will be allocated randomly
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