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Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta for Trauma.

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Chief Investigator: Jan Jansen

Principle Investigator (LTHT): Dr Tim Stansfield

Site: Leeds General Infirmary

This study is ran by the vascular research team and ran out of ED. Both specialties come together for this study.

UK-REBOA Study Website


Start Date: December 2017

End Date: June 2020

The Aim

  • Does the use of REBOA, in addition to standard major trauma centre treatment, increase 90-day survival of trauma patients suffering from exsanguinating torso haemorrhage, and is it costeffective?

The trial

  • This is a randomised trial
  • Intervention
    • Standard major trauma centre treatment plus REBOA, compared with standard major trauma centre treatment alone.
  • Inclusion criteria
    • Adult trauma patients (aged, or believed to be aged, 16 years or older)
      • with confirmed or suspected life-threatening torso haemorrhage
      • which is thought to be amenable to adjunctive treatment with REBOA (zone I or zone III)
  • Exclusion criteria:
    • Women known or thought to be pregnant at presentation
    • Children (aged, or believed to be aged 15 or younger)
    • Patients with injuries which are deemed unsurvivable on clinical grounds
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